All ceramic cosmetic crowns & bridges

All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy natural smile.Dental 359 utilise All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges for their dramatic improvements in smile appearance.

All Ceramic Crowns:

  • Do you remember having seen that big dark space that appeared when you last had a conversation with someone? Or..
  • How often have you seen a person smiling at you and exposing a dark margin of a crown at the gum line, crowns that do not blend in with the remaining teeth because they are to bulky or too opaque?
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Well those are crowns and bridges of the past. New materials and clinical methods allow us today to create invisible tooth restorations.

An All Ceramic Crown ( sometimes known as caps) is an artificial ceramic device that covers the entire tooth. The crown recaptures the tooth’s atural contours and ideal shape; whilst restoring its natural function. Crowns also protect the underlying tooth and upon completion of the procedure the tooth has normal or improved functioning ability.

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ceramic crown ceramic crown

An All Ceramic Crown can be utilised to provide the following solutions:

  • Cover discoloured teeth due to tetracycline staining from antibiotics
  • Cover mis-shaped or mal-aligned teeth
  • Replace large broken down fillings
  • Restore a fractured or broken tooth
  • Cover a Dental Implant
  • Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment
  • Trauma

These specific dental conditions can require a combination of both restorative and aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry. The good news is that any of these conditions can be restored to a natural, healthy smile.

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Upon completion of this procedure the area that has been restored is virtually in-distinguishable from you own natural teeth. This is the case as Crowns are carefully created to match the appearance of your existing teeth. The colour, translucency and shape of your natural teeth can be examined and implemented in the creation of the crown. Therefore, Crowns not only repair the tooth they also improve your smile!

All Ceramic Bridges:

Bridges are an important aspect in the replacement of missing teeth. This restoration technique is aesthetically pleasing, providing patients with a natural discrete answer to tooth loss.

Picture of Bridge
side of bridge fixed bridge

When a tooth is lost from the dental arch; bridges may be implemented to cover the gap. A bridge is essentially a false tooth. Bridges are used to span the area where the teeth are missing. Other teeth around the affected area are created as crowns, giving support and stability to the new tooth or teeth.

When a crown is fused on each side of a bridge; this is known as fixed bridges. Fixed bridges cannot be removed from the mouth.

Dental 359 are able to assist you in regaining the appearance of your smile and your self confidence after tooth loss. We replace the missing tooth with a custom made Bridge; specifically tailored to your dental situation. Bridges will help you regain the very best support and stability in your mouth.

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before replace the missing tooth after replace missing tooth
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