Are dental implants painful?

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When done well a dental implant should not be painful! Careful planning is crucial to ensure an implant is placed in the right position and with no long term side effects. No, it shouldn’t hurt!

Obviously the procedure is surgical in nature so you should expect some bruising and swelling as a result of your implant placement. There should be no pain per se.  Some tenderness can be attributed to the gums for a few days following the procedure but nothing a few Panadol won’t take care of.

There are things that can be done to minimise discomfort

  • Your dentist should use local anaesthetic when placing said implant
  • You should be given a mild analgesic for when the local anaesthetic wears off. Panadol or Advil will suffice
  • You should ice the site of your implant for a minimum of 3-12 hours post operatively. Ice will reduce inflammation which can cause some discomfort
  • You should keep the area as clean as possible. It is crucial that you follow the post-operative instructions given to you. Rinse and brush gently following treatment.

Throbbing pain is not normal following placement of a dental implant.

If you have pain please contact your dentist immediately.

When your dental implant is placed by a professional there should be little to no complications.

I am experiencing pain. What could be the cause?

  • It is possible your dentist didn’t place your implant in the optimal position.
  • You may have an infection
  • A suture could be pulling

Like any surgical procedure there are risks involved with dental implant treatment.

The placement of a dental implant should be no more invasive than a simple extraction.

Considering a dental implant? Do it once, do it right!

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