CEREC 3D Digital Design Dentistry

What is a CEREC restoration and why has it been recommended for me?

The CEREC procedure was initially developed at Zurich University and has been successfully deployed throughout dental practices since 1985!  Since 1985 over 8 million patients have been treated using the CEREC procedure.
More than 20 million CEREC restorations have been created and placed!

The reason why?
Long term clinical studies demonstrate that (in terms of durability) CEREC restorations are at least equivalent to gold restorations and in some cases can achieve even better results than gold fillings!

What happens during the procedure?

1. Before treatment begins, Dr Golestani will inform you of the benefits of CEREC and talk you through the procedure.

  1. After removing decayed tissue or a defective amalgam filling, Dr Golestani will create a 3D image of the effected tooth with the aid of the CEREC camera.
  2. The restoration is designed on the monitor of the CEREC acquisition unit.
  3. The CEREC milling unit shapes the restoration out of a ceramic block.
  4. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth.

See below a video directly from our clinic- A CEREC restoration in the milling process for one of our patients.

Why choose CEREC?

No conventional Impressions

The CEREC 3D measuring camera scans the prepared tooth in just seconds, which eliminates the need for unpleasant impressions.

No temporaries

CEREC restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in just a few minutes and ready to be placed immediately!
This means no need for temporary fillings and only one appointment to complete the procedure.

No long waiting periods

Our CEREC restorations are placed immediately once milled- Which means treatment is completed in the one visit!

Still not convinced?

Check out this before and after!

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