What makes a good cosmetic dentist?


Back up and training!


Quality products!

Aesthetic knowledge!

The list goes on…

You don’t simply become a good cosmetic dentist overnight.

You train for many years to become a dentist and to become a good cosmetic dentist you attend regular courses which discuss advances in techniques and materials. You seek out information on how to improve and you continue to learn and widen your horizons.

Realistically, there is also an element of artistic flare and attention to detail.

Ever heard the saying the devil is in the detail? This is so true of complex cosmetic cases.

Every single detail needs to be scrutinised by both the dentist, their lab and of course the patient.

When planning a smile makeover or any kind of cosmetic dentistry asked your dentist what kind of experience do they have? Can you see their portfolio of cases completed to date.

How often are they attending courses and what have they learned recently? What steps will they take to prepare for your treatment? Do they offer a wax mock up? A wax representation of what your teeth are expected to look like. Perhaps they go one step further and can prepare a Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Do they work with a local lab or are they using and a lab and products borne overseas? It is crucial for aesthetic reasons that quality materials be used. Zirconia and E-max are good, safe choices. Be aware of Porcelain fused to metal which can give you a ‘grey’ margin near the neck of the tooth. This is older way of preparing a crown and yet still used often as it is considered cheaper.

How much aesthetic knowledge does your dentist have? Does he understand the golden rules of proportions? The science of creating beautiful smiles? Each and every case is unique and should not be treated in the same fashion as the case that came before it.

Ask questions. Lots of questions!

Don’t be afraid to try your smile before you commit.

Can your dentist do a 3D print of your anticipated result so you can see what your investment is going to look like?

Where possible, speak with patients who have had a similar treatment by the dentist and ask them about their experience and the final result. It should be natural.

Finally, a good cosmetic dentist is someone who knows their limits.

If they feel the case is beyond them they should say so.

Few people are comfortable enough to say “this case is more complex than it appears I think it is best you see someone with more experience”. Instead, they will have a go often to the detriment of the patient.

Ask yourself. Do I trust my dentist? What does your gut tell you?

If in doubt, seek a second opinion and never be afraid to defer treatment until you are certain you have found a dentist you are comfortable with and are confident in his/ her abilities.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favour and book a consultation with Dr Hooman Golestani. You will not be disappointed.

Phone Dental 359 on 1300 625 625 now to find out what your cosmetic treatment options are.

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