What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are basically your third row of molars. They were named “wisdom teeth” because they normally show up between the ages 17-25. A good majority of people will have to deal with their wisdom teeth at some point or another.

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted is a procedure that is necessary when the teeth grow incorrectly, causing problems in the mouth. Even when the solution is very simple, many people choose to delay extraction or not go through with it at all.

What do you risk by not getting these extra teeth removed?

There generally isn’t enough space in the mouth for wisdom teeth to come through. This causes the teeth to grow abnormally and become impacted. A tooth impaction is when the teeth have not ruptured through the gum line either all the way or partially due to your jaw not having sufficient room for your wisdom teeth to grow or move into a position that allows them to be functional teeth.

When this occurs, a number of painful problems can start to present, such as:

  • gum disease around the molar teeth
  • infections and swelling around the gums of your wisdom teeth
  • formation of decay around adjacent functioning teeth
  • formation of cysts
  • crowding other teeth, causing pain and misalignment of the teeth

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